Areas of Concentration and Lines of Research

Area 1: Measurement of Osteoarticular Deformities

Lines of Research 1.1: Methods of measurement in dentofacial deformities

Lines of Research 1.2: Articular Instabilities

Area 2: Quality as Method of Elevaluation 

Descrição da Área de Pesquisa.

Lines of Research 2.1: Self-steem, body image, depression and sexuality

Linha de Pesquisa 2.2: Functional Capacity, pain and physical activity

Lines of Research 2.3: Cost effectiveness and management in surgery

Lines of Research 2.3: Medicine based in evidences

Area 3: Ecto and Mesodermal Tissue Regeneration 

Lines of Research 3.1: Oxidative stress and experimental models in transplants

Lines of Research 3.2: Instruments of measurement of tissue and nerve regeneration

Lines of Research 3.3: Development of minimally invasive techniques

Lines of Research 3.4: Culture and cell therapy and stem cells applied to surgery

Descrição da Linha de Pesquisa.

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